Shame Spirals

by Del Lago // Too Soon!



WK002 Shame Spirals is a split album from Melbourne's Del Lago and Too Soon!.


released October 12, 2013


all rights reserved



Whisk and Key Records Melbourne, Australia

Whisk and Key Records is a DIY record label run out of Melbourne, Australia.

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Track Name: Del Lago - You, Black, and Blue
we speak like old friends
like I never let you down
just like I always wanted out of this hole
wide open
you left the door
just like my mind and my heart
will I stay?

you talk of old times
I act like I forgot
its always, always on my mind
we cant go back
we can drink to today
and drown in yesterdays mistakes
so I say

Don't pray for me
I dont want the weight of your world
Dont fall asleep
its just another reason to leave

So long old friend
blink a picture in my mind
now an image, an image old as time
The skies broken
it reflects you and black and blue
so I'll drink to you and drown another day
or so I say.

Oh I know
I know
we are not the same
oh I know
I know
we are not the same
I know
I feel it in my bones
I know
It doesnt mean a thing.
Track Name: Del Lago - Online Misery Time
we live closet lives
disconnected by stereotypes
online misery time
on the outside doing fine
I'll never leave my living room
as long as you're here with me
and on the day you leave
technology will be there for me

open eyes on the brightest day
safe and sound, its your darkest hour
turn around, black out the sun
who are you, and what have your friends become?

I will rise again
but I'll never take the blame
I will rise again
but I'll never face the shame

I will lie again
I will rise again.
Track Name: Del Lago - Pin Pals
Bones ache like a memory
I know I'm much too young for thing
the blood begins to boil in my veins and it makes me want to piss
I never hear from you
a letter or a postcard would do
distance in absolute with no one to occupy you

dont fade away
dont fade away from me

clenched teeth and losing sleep
my life is stuck on repeat
friendships, they sparkle and fade
to become secrets that we take to the grave
I never hear from you
I never wrote you back
with all these fears it disappears
its so hard keeping track

dont let it get you down
I'm leaving town
dont let it get you down
I wasnt meant for this town

dont fade
dont fade away
Track Name: del lago - Never Cry Shitwolf
I cant sing with you tonight
please dont ask me why
with my ears still ringing
words I cant recall
I cant recall

I cant write you a story
these hands, these fingers ache
and no amount of ink, no matter what you think
could jot down my mistakes

shouting down the walls with empty bottles
nothing means more to me than the caged bird
set it free

i can stand by your side
still so tired from the night
I know you know every time I leave
I'm always coming home

drown your sorrows, drown me out
toss and turn without a doubt
drink to another day
until theres nothing left to say
Track Name: Del Lago - Up and Down
I'm looking for something new
to stop from feeling old
I'm looking for a way to go
wont someone let me in
I dont want to continue
but I dont know how to stop
I'm looking for a reason now
wont someone let me in

These places they all seem the same
the voices they all seem to drain
what I once was
what I've become
and I dont know if i can fight
I dont know if I can find the light
that I once had
that I once had.

Up and down round and round
never got it right
and I never will
I've never been satisfied
with anything or anyone
most of all
not with myself

well is it true that when we grow old
our fucking hearts die?
well I dont know
but I dont want to continue
and I dont know how to stop
what I once was
what I've become

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